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Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley

Skin on potatoes wdges oven roasted and sauteed with garlic and parsley.


Sweet Potato Fries

Hand cut sweet potatoes fried and served with blueberry kétchup.


Aji de Gallina Bites

shredded chicken with creamy yellow pepper and cheese sauce mixed with white rice fired


Maple Cummin Corn

Corn on the cob roasted with maple and cumin butter.


Pop pork "Chicharrones"

Pork skin fry and sauteed in truffle oil, smoke paprika, and lemon juice.


French Fries

Hand cut potatoes fries



Lenti Tabuli Salad

Lentil, kale, cucumber, red onion, mint, cherry tomatoes, green grapes tosed with olive oil and lemon.


House Salad

Spring mix lettuce, corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese tosed with our homemade vinaigrette.



Empanada de Asado

Homemade dough baked to order with crunks of slow cooked eyeround roast.


Empanada de Spinach Alfredo

Homemade dough baked to order filled with spinach Alfredo.


Empanada de Aji de Gallina

Homemade dough baked to order with shredded chicken mix with yellow pepper sauce.



Croissant de Pollo

Toasted homemade butter croissant with shredded chicken breast mixed with our homemade mayonese.


Asado con Palta y cebolla frita

Slow cook eyeround roast with avocado slices and crispy red onion served on our homemade bun.


Pollo Chi Jao Kai

Oriental marinade crispy fried chicken thigh with pickled turnip and carrots served on our homemade bun.



Cured ham for 48 hrs, aioli sauce, and salsa criolla served on our homemade bun.


Triple: Huevo+Tomate+Palta

Homemade white bread with hard boiled egg, tomato, and avocado.


Panceta (Pork Belly) En Caja China

Juicy and crunchy pork belly cooked in caja china with fried sweet potatoe chips and cevichada mayo served on our homemade bun.


Asado de Tira (Short Rib) with horse radish mayonase and chimichurri

Braised short rib with horseradish mayonese and chimichurri served on our homemade bun.


Grilled Cheese with Cheedar and Brie

Homemade garlic butter bread stuffed with aged cheedar and brie.



Breaded fish, shrimp, and calamari with salsa criolla and tartar sauce served on our homemade bun.


BBQ Boneless Chickens Wings

Breaded boneless chicken wings toasted with our homemade huacatay BBQ sauce, strips of celery and carrots, and bluecheese sauce served in our homemade bun.


BLT Soft Shell Crab

Fried soft Shell crab with candied bacon strips, lettuce, tomato, and aioli sauce on our homemade croissant.



Tomato and Basil Cream Soup

Ripped tomatoes, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese.


Daily Soup


Baked potatoe loaded w/chupe de camarones

Only Saturdays & Sunday


For the Little buns

Chicken tenders and fries



Dairy Free Fresh Smoothies (Soursop/Passion Fruit/Mango/Blackberry) $4.99

Soda $2.99

Sparkling Water $4.99

Iced tea $3.99

Homemade Sweet tea (Lemon or Green Tea) $3.99

Apple Juice $2.99

Fresh Frozen Lemonade $4.99

Capuccino $4.00

American Coffee $2.99

Cortadito $2.99

Cafe con Leche $4.00

Espresso $2.50

Hot Tea (Ask for flavors) $2.99

Daiquiri $7.99

Sangria Pitcher $19.99

Local Craft Beer $8.99

10% Off

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